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Alex Lowe David Bridges

Tragedy Strikes the Climbing Community

It is with great remorse we enter the 1999/2000 ice climbing season. The loss of Alex Lowe and David Bridges to an avalanche in Shishapangma is a tragedy that should remind us all that even when you are the best Mother Nature is still the one in control.

Memorial Fund Established

A fund has been established for Alex Lowe's three children. Those interested in making a donation can send to:

 Fund for the Children of Alex Lowe
 Care of Norene Bancroft, US Bank
 104 East Main Street,
 Bozeman, Montana 59715

More information on the incident is available at

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This site was designed to provide information on ice climbing in New England for experienced climbers and curiousity seekers.

Theres information on New England weather, links to some various climbing magazines, and equipment suppliers, and even some places to sign up for climbing lessons.

Check out some photos from the 1998/1999 season.

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